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Portraiture is a common and popular form of photography with roots in traditional art but this does not mean it is simple and easy. What the classic artists achieved through their paintbrushes required a lot of skill and so does painting with light. When it comes to photography what you see is not what you get. The camera has an eye but no heart to read what it sees with feeling. It requires skill and imagination to create an image that reflects the emotions we feel when we see someone we love or do something exciting. As a photographer I am always looking to go beyond what is obvious, so that the images I create have personal and emotive meaning. I find people infinitely interesting and looking at them through a lens fascinates and thrills me. I hope to capture and reflect some of that excitement in my photos. I am available to take portraits for all kinds of occasions.

  • Professional headshots

  • Personal portraits

  • Family portraits

  • Lifestyle portraits

  • Newborn and baby portraits

I work with natural and artificial light, depending on the location and the mood and impression that is required. I will take time to understand what you need and what you would like to achieve from the session so that you are happy with we come up with working together

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