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We live in world dominated by image and images. High quality photography is essential to promote products, brands and identity. I enjoy shooting for commercial projects because it requires careful attention to detail, style and branding objectives. A lot of thought and effort goes into ensuring that the right message and impression is conveyed. I enjoy the process of communicating a clear marketing objective through pictures. I also relish the creativity it demands to showcase something that is usually viewed in a wider context in a very close and intimate way. Focusing on a very narrow part of the wider scene makes it so much more interesting because by isolating the object you draw attention to its special features and qualities. You bring out what is important. My photographic services include:

  • Product shots for websites/brochures/press

  • Ambient shots of shops/offices/houses

  • Architectural photography

  • Headshots of staff and management 

  • Beauty/fashion shoots

  • Promotional events 

Contact me for further information and rates.