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I am a writer, a photographer, a sociologist, an avid baker, crochet practitioner and a cycling enthusiast. Past jobs have included researcher, teacher, journalist, a PA in mental health and even television presenter. I've also acted on stage and television but the less said about that the better. I like to try different things and have a curious soul. 

Photography has been an exciting and transformative venture. I enjoy working with people to create beautiful and memorable images but I also enjoy photographing places and objects with cultural value. A connection is important to capture what really matters through the glass eye of a lens. Being engaged deeply in trying to see the extraordinary in the ordinary is something I learnt during my PhD in Sociology. I have discovered that it is also what makes photography such a vibrant and uniquely living art form. In the right hands a camera can do so much more than just reproduce what is there. It creates an experience that can be relived through sharing.


My first ever job after leaving home was as a Features Reporter for an English daily newspaper called The Frontier Post.  I was based in Lahore and loved my work so much I would turn up on my day off. I went on to write for a fashion and lifestyle magazine (Libas) and work as a copy writer for an advertising agency. When I moved to London I was employed by the Indian cable network, Zee TV, initially as the Assistant Editor of their inhouse lifestyle glossy magazine and later in the newsroom as Deputy News Editor and general dogs body. After the birth of my son I changed gears and ended up working in the NHS supporting mental health workforce development. This was one of my most rewarding jobs, thanks to the wonderful folk doing research to improve services and training in the mental health sector. It is also thanks to this team that I was motivated to do an MA in Research Methods. The MA led to a successful application for Research Council funding to do a PhD in Sociology, which I completed without corrections in 2015. I worked as a Teaching Associate and Researcher for a few years before moving back into professional services. 


I am currently doing an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Sheffield, writing a novel, churning out poems, crafting a memoir and looking for opportunities to resume my love for journalism. Ideally with photography included.   

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.”
— Edward Steichen