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Make once in a lifetime last forever 


Having trained as a sociologist I am deeply interested in people, their lives and the society we live in. It means I pay attention to detail and value connections with people - both essential ingredients in creating memorable images. Having research experience has helped me develop a sharp eye for those special and personal moments that are fleeting but leave lasting traces. Creating timeless images that touch you on a deeply emotional level requires photographic skill as well as good instincts. I have been perfecting my craft for over ten years through professional training and endless hours of practice. Memorable photographs are not just about being at the right place at the right time. You also need to create the right ambience and mood. Sometimes that comes from the natural energy between people but often subjects need guidance to relax in front of the camera. My approach is to create a sense of fun and play around the experience of being photographed to capture authentic expressions. I like to focus on what is special and unique in every person and reflect this in a natural and personal way. I love every minute of being behind the camera which is why I try and make photography as exciting for the people facing the lens. What I want more than anything is for the images to spark joy and affection. This is what makes photography a living and vibrant art form. 

Everything beautiful...

'Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees.' Rumi


jamart@hotmail.co.uk           07951 764795

100 Strangers

I have been wandering the streets photographing strangers in my spare time. Not only is this a really fun (sometimes challenging) thing to do, there is no better way to feel part of the human family than to befriend strangers. 

Charity work

My work with Cavendish Cancer Care has been incredibly rewarding. Not only do I help a charity, I also get to do something nice for their clients who get the images for free. 

Julie's story

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